Greenock Creek Alices Shiraz 2011 - Magnum 1.5LBarossa Valley, South Australia Australia

Greenock Creek

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About the winery

The Alices is the biggest vineyard, being 15 sections of land, and is named after Annabelle's mom and Michael's most loved close relative, both of whom were named Alice. The vineyard is on our Radford Road property and the vines were planted in 1997, and like the various wines, the grapes are kept separate to create a solitary domain wine. The vines crop at 1.5 to 2.0 tons every section of land and as with all our vineyards the grapes are picked and kept separate to deliver a solitary domain wine. They are singled out phenological readiness and flavor at a baume scope of 14 to 16º. This baume here and there delivers a commonly happening high liquor, in spite of the fact that this will rely on upon occasional conditions.
The grapes are aged in extensive, shallow open masonary fermenters, pumped over, chilled and squeezed through a wicker container press. It is then racked into barrels to experience regular MLF, keeping the free run and pressings separate to be mixed back together preceding packaging. The wine is pumped into prepared American hogsheads with a little rate going into new oak barrels. It is then left to develop for give or take 27 months, and is generally not separated or fined preceding packaging.

Winery Details

Greenock Creek Wines
54 Radford Road
Seppeltsfield, SA, 5355, Australia
Phone:   (08) 8562 8103

About the Wine

A wine of great flavour and depth with an abundance of fruit, currants, raspberry and juniper, wrapped in a mild oaky finish.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review